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How to Stop Biting Your Nails

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How to Stop Biting Your NailsHave you ever wondered why some people often bite their nail? It is simply because it has become a habit for other people or as others refer to it as a hobby. Most people tend to bite their nails when they are bored, shocked or even when they are thinking of something. Nail biting can lead low self esteem i.e. whereby you don’t always want to get noticed while biting your nails, bleeding of the cuticle and even shame. Indeed there are several ways on how to stop cuticle biting that we are going to look at.

Nail biting is often accompanied by cuticle biting. It is not a hygienic process since all the dirt that you might have been having in the hand will be transferred to the mouth which can cause stomachache. It is always a difficult task for most nail biters to quit the process. I am therefore going to give you the tips on how to stop biting your nails which has become a difficult habit for most people.

First and foremost, you need to identify the cause of the nail biting, ask yourself why you keep on doing it. Time yourself and see at what occasions you do it.  Secondly, fix a date and decide that you don’t want to bite your nails, try to affirm yourself that you can quit the nail biting and you will see yourself definitely succeeding.

Try to imagine how strong and gorgeous nails can look upon yourself, by doing it, it will be always at the back of your mind that you need such gorgeous nails and so you must have to stop the habit. Polish your nails so that whenever you take them through your mouth to bite them you see a dazzling color.


In addition to those, you can also eat foods that are prosperous in calcium and magnesium to help in the maintenance and growth of the nails. It is very possible that if you can find a hobby that can replace nail biting then you will be very safe since you will always get involved and whenever you think of nail biting you will always be busy.

You can get involved and chat with ‘former or ex-nail biters’ on how they were able to stop the habit. Speak about your nails to your friend and tell them how you have improved so that they can motivate you because motivation always keeps us going. You can always try to pick one nail at a time or in a day and try not to bite it, this will help you to see how beautiful your nail can be without being bitten.

Keeping your mouth busy i.e. by chewing gums or even eating carrots, this will ensure that at no time is the mouth free to participate in nail biting. Have self pride of how you have excelled. Cover your nails to avoid visibility, by so doing you will ensure that the nails are kept safe and sound where they cannot be bitten.best guide about how to stop biting your nails

I know you are wondering now on how to stop cuticle biting? You can apply a cuticle cream or oil once in a day.

To sum up, these are some of the ways on how to stop biting your nails and how to stop cuticle biting. I would like to urge all the ‘nail biters’ to try and use the following ways and see how they are going to be successful. It is a very simple task.

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Home Remedies for Nail Biting

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Home Remedies for Nail BitingNail biting is a habit that usually begins in childhood and sometimes goes on until early adulthood. Most people often stop this practice at the age of twenty. However, some adults go on with the habit even after they hit thirty. This habit is caused by stress, inactivity, anxiety or boredom among others. Apart from making the nails ugly, nail biting also has a negative effect on an individual’s health. It results in broken, painful nails which may bleed and cause nail infections. This act may also cause dental problems. To avoid the pains associated with this habit, home remedies for nail biting are necessary.
Nail biting home remedies for adults

Cover Your Hands: To have your nails covered, you can wear gloves. With this, even if you unknowingly insert your fingers into your mouth, you can’t bite them. Alternatively, you can cover your nails up with stickers or bandages.Engage Your Hands: Ensure that your hands have something in them at all times. A stress ball is the most suitable object to use in this case. This would keep your hands busy. Another way to keep your hands busy is to engage them in activities such as drawing, writing, painting or playing video games. These will keep your hands away from your mouth.Train Your Mind: Mind training is one of the most preferred remedies for adults who bite their nails. To practice this, tie rubber bands around your wrists and snap them whenever you are going to bite the nails. Although observing this habit fully may take a long period of time, once you begin to adhere to it, the pain you feel while snapping will train your mind to stop nail biting.Manicure: Regular manicure trims your nails in such a way that you will find no edge to bite. Besides, having well-shaped nails are quite pleasing and this can influence you to stop biting them.

Nail Biting Remedies for Children

There are many home remedies for nail biting that may help a child to stop this habit. These include:

Keep the nails of your child neatly trimmed to ensure that no extra nail remains for them to bite.In case they bite their nails, don’t punish them, neither should you promise to reward them if they don’t bite. On the contrary, praise them for successfully avoiding the habit for a considerable period.Children have a tendency of biting nails when watching TV. To distract them from this, give them drawing books immediately so that they color pictures as they watch.

natural cures nail biting

Make their mouths busy by giving them carrots or sugarless lollipops to munch. This will drive away the urge of biting nails for a given period of time.Apply some bitter solution on your child’s nails. You can use a colorless lacquer found in
the market to carry out this method. Similarly, a lemon juice or a gourd juice that is bitter can also be applied. If they try to put their nails into the mouth, this unpleasant taste will stop them from carrying on with the habit.

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How to Get Rid of Nail Biting Habit

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How to Get Rid of Nail Biting HabitNail biting sometimes called chronic onychophagia is a problem that leaves disturbing effects on fingers and nails. To some people nail biting is a bad habit and to others it is a problem caused by other factors for example anxiety and other psychological problems.

Stopping this habit is important to ensuring healthy fingers and nails. The following are tips on how to get rid of nail biting habit:

The first step is purchasing a no bite nail polish. There are a variety of such nail polishes in the market with different brands and prices. These nail polishes often taste very bad and they prevent one from biting the nails. The only similarity with these products is they have an equal goal.Another remedy to this bad habit is often ensuring that your nails are always clean and attractive. This can be achieved by getting a manicure weekly or quite often. Paying for manicure can prevent one from biting nails as they have spent money in acquiring the manicure.Squeeze a stress ball the minute the urge to bite finger nails comes in mind. This is a therapeutic method that helps relief anxiety in the body. They also ensure that your hands are occupied that is to say they are not empty and discourage one from the habit.Wearing of gloves also helps reduce the urge. Gloves not only prevent the hands from germs and harmful substances but also aid in ensuring that one does not reach for the finger nails thus a discouragement in the biting habit.Also use of artificial nails can also help in the reduction of this bad habit. Artificial nails ensure that your natural nails are covered and distanced from the mouths reach. These artificial nails not only make your finger nails look good but also destroy the habit.Apply stress management methods and techniques, in case one bites his or her nails when stressed or is because of emotional reasons then it is important to resolve the core reason which is stress. There are vary many useful sites and books that can aid in facilitating information about stress management that can come handy.

How to Get Rid of Nail Biting Behavior

Use of mastered is a natural approach to this problem. While at home one can apply mastered to the fingers, this is aimed at ensuring that the finger nails taste awful every time you put them in the mouth. The bad taste always scares one from putting their fingers in the mouth.Also covering finger nails with stickers or tape can also deter one from chewing or biting nails. Putting stickers on the finger nails reminds the individual about the bad habit he or she is fighting hence a discouragement.To some people it is just enough to promise himself or herself that from today he or she will not bite on finger nails and it works. Instructing the mind that I will never bite
finger nails again also helps in reducing this habit.

In conclusion, using the above tips on how to get rid of nail biting habit one can drastically reduce and finally put an end to the bad habit. If you want to get more information from the expert about how to get rid of nail biting naturally, quickly, and easily, please click here

How to Stop Nail Biting Naturally

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How to Stop Nail Biting NaturallyNail biting is a habit commonly occurring when one is faced with pressure or stress. It is an outward sign of incompetence to handle difficult situations. It also occurs when one gets bored or hungry. However, there are natural ways of curbing this habit.Gloves- Wear gloves or bandages to act as a protective gear of your fingers from destruction of your teeth. Wear the gloves or bandages in places where the items do not hinder your daily obligation. Like, in the laboratory or factory. This is the best tips on how to stop nail biting naturally.

Pepper – Applying pepper on the fingers will warn your mouth against biting them. The brain sends a signal to the hand muscle making it stop from getting near the mouth. How to stop nail biting naturally is still involved more in this process and there is more of this.This effect becomes a habit and that’s how to stop nail biting naturally.Avoiding boredom – In case one is just idle, try thinking something to do.Habit reversal-This is successful unlearning of your habit in question and replacing it with a more constructive task. The method has been seen to work best in persons who are willing to stop and are disciplined.Applying nail polish – the nail polish applied may be very thick or smells bad. This person cannot stand bad smell hence it being efficient. This method may however not apply to all especially men but it is a better way of how to stop nail biting naturally.Will power – This seems to be the easiest way of curbing the habit but it is the most in effective way. This is due to the simple reason forgetting and not struggling. Most people forget their new year is resolution just as they are made. It takes the best to use will power and make it a tool on how to stop nail biting naturally.Chew a sugarless gum – This keeps your mouth busy hence distracting it from biting the fingernails.Keeping a record of what you do then bite your nails-avoid any task that makes you bite your finger or still make a conscious effort when doing such a task.Apply stress management techniques – Whenever you are faced with stress, calm down and control it to manageable levels. This decreases chance of nail biting hence becoming a tool on how to stop nail biting naturally.Wearing of artificial nails – they are hard and do not bring the same effect when bitten as the real ones. This discourages the victim from biting the nails.How to Stop Nail Biting at HomeManicure – Improving the looks on your nails may pose a positive image in your brain hence developing a sense of protecting them from harm including biting.ConclusionNail biting habit is embarrassing and any person with it is more than willing to get rid of it. Medication has been used over the years, but it bears little or no fruits or worse still, it has deadly side effects that the victim has to live with. This is how to stop nail biting naturally.

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