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How to Stop Nail Biting Naturally

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How to Stop Nail Biting NaturallyNail biting is a habit commonly occurring when one is faced with pressure or stress. It is an outward sign of incompetence to handle difficult situations. It also occurs when one gets bored or hungry. However, there are natural ways of curbing this habit.Gloves- Wear gloves or bandages to act as a protective gear of your fingers from destruction of your teeth. Wear the gloves or bandages in places where the items do not hinder your daily obligation. Like, in the laboratory or factory. This is the best tips on how to stop nail biting naturally.

Pepper – Applying pepper on the fingers will warn your mouth against biting them. The brain sends a signal to the hand muscle making it stop from getting near the mouth. How to stop nail biting naturally is still involved more in this process and there is more of this.This effect becomes a habit and that’s how to stop nail biting naturally.Avoiding boredom – In case one is just idle, try thinking something to do.Habit reversal-This is successful unlearning of your habit in question and replacing it with a more constructive task. The method has been seen to work best in persons who are willing to stop and are disciplined.Applying nail polish – the nail polish applied may be very thick or smells bad. This person cannot stand bad smell hence it being efficient. This method may however not apply to all especially men but it is a better way of how to stop nail biting naturally.Will power – This seems to be the easiest way of curbing the habit but it is the most in effective way. This is due to the simple reason forgetting and not struggling. Most people forget their new year is resolution just as they are made. It takes the best to use will power and make it a tool on how to stop nail biting naturally.Chew a sugarless gum – This keeps your mouth busy hence distracting it from biting the fingernails.Keeping a record of what you do then bite your nails-avoid any task that makes you bite your finger or still make a conscious effort when doing such a task.Apply stress management techniques – Whenever you are faced with stress, calm down and control it to manageable levels. This decreases chance of nail biting hence becoming a tool on how to stop nail biting naturally.Wearing of artificial nails – they are hard and do not bring the same effect when bitten as the real ones. This discourages the victim from biting the nails.How to Stop Nail Biting at HomeManicure – Improving the looks on your nails may pose a positive image in your brain hence developing a sense of protecting them from harm including biting.ConclusionNail biting habit is embarrassing and any person with it is more than willing to get rid of it. Medication has been used over the years, but it bears little or no fruits or worse still, it has deadly side effects that the victim has to live with. This is how to stop nail biting naturally.

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