How to Get Rid of Nail Biting Habit

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How to Get Rid of Nail Biting HabitNail biting sometimes called chronic onychophagia is a problem that leaves disturbing effects on fingers and nails. To some people nail biting is a bad habit and to others it is a problem caused by other factors for example anxiety and other psychological problems.

Stopping this habit is important to ensuring healthy fingers and nails. The following are tips on how to get rid of nail biting habit:

The first step is purchasing a no bite nail polish. There are a variety of such nail polishes in the market with different brands and prices. These nail polishes often taste very bad and they prevent one from biting the nails. The only similarity with these products is they have an equal goal.Another remedy to this bad habit is often ensuring that your nails are always clean and attractive. This can be achieved by getting a manicure weekly or quite often. Paying for manicure can prevent one from biting nails as they have spent money in acquiring the manicure.Squeeze a stress ball the minute the urge to bite finger nails comes in mind. This is a therapeutic method that helps relief anxiety in the body. They also ensure that your hands are occupied that is to say they are not empty and discourage one from the habit.Wearing of gloves also helps reduce the urge. Gloves not only prevent the hands from germs and harmful substances but also aid in ensuring that one does not reach for the finger nails thus a discouragement in the biting habit.Also use of artificial nails can also help in the reduction of this bad habit. Artificial nails ensure that your natural nails are covered and distanced from the mouths reach. These artificial nails not only make your finger nails look good but also destroy the habit.Apply stress management methods and techniques, in case one bites his or her nails when stressed or is because of emotional reasons then it is important to resolve the core reason which is stress. There are vary many useful sites and books that can aid in facilitating information about stress management that can come handy.

How to Get Rid of Nail Biting Behavior

Use of mastered is a natural approach to this problem. While at home one can apply mastered to the fingers, this is aimed at ensuring that the finger nails taste awful every time you put them in the mouth. The bad taste always scares one from putting their fingers in the mouth.Also covering finger nails with stickers or tape can also deter one from chewing or biting nails. Putting stickers on the finger nails reminds the individual about the bad habit he or she is fighting hence a discouragement.To some people it is just enough to promise himself or herself that from today he or she will not bite on finger nails and it works. Instructing the mind that I will never bite
finger nails again also helps in reducing this habit.

In conclusion, using the above tips on how to get rid of nail biting habit one can drastically reduce and finally put an end to the bad habit. If you want to get more information from the expert about how to get rid of nail biting naturally, quickly, and easily, please click here

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