Home Remedies for Nail Biting

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Home Remedies for Nail BitingNail biting is a habit that usually begins in childhood and sometimes goes on until early adulthood. Most people often stop this practice at the age of twenty. However, some adults go on with the habit even after they hit thirty. This habit is caused by stress, inactivity, anxiety or boredom among others. Apart from making the nails ugly, nail biting also has a negative effect on an individual’s health. It results in broken, painful nails which may bleed and cause nail infections. This act may also cause dental problems. To avoid the pains associated with this habit, home remedies for nail biting are necessary.
Nail biting home remedies for adults

Cover Your Hands: To have your nails covered, you can wear gloves. With this, even if you unknowingly insert your fingers into your mouth, you can’t bite them. Alternatively, you can cover your nails up with stickers or bandages.Engage Your Hands: Ensure that your hands have something in them at all times. A stress ball is the most suitable object to use in this case. This would keep your hands busy. Another way to keep your hands busy is to engage them in activities such as drawing, writing, painting or playing video games. These will keep your hands away from your mouth.Train Your Mind: Mind training is one of the most preferred remedies for adults who bite their nails. To practice this, tie rubber bands around your wrists and snap them whenever you are going to bite the nails. Although observing this habit fully may take a long period of time, once you begin to adhere to it, the pain you feel while snapping will train your mind to stop nail biting.Manicure: Regular manicure trims your nails in such a way that you will find no edge to bite. Besides, having well-shaped nails are quite pleasing and this can influence you to stop biting them.

Nail Biting Remedies for Children

There are many home remedies for nail biting that may help a child to stop this habit. These include:

Keep the nails of your child neatly trimmed to ensure that no extra nail remains for them to bite.In case they bite their nails, don’t punish them, neither should you promise to reward them if they don’t bite. On the contrary, praise them for successfully avoiding the habit for a considerable period.Children have a tendency of biting nails when watching TV. To distract them from this, give them drawing books immediately so that they color pictures as they watch.

natural cures nail biting

Make their mouths busy by giving them carrots or sugarless lollipops to munch. This will drive away the urge of biting nails for a given period of time.Apply some bitter solution on your child’s nails. You can use a colorless lacquer found in
the market to carry out this method. Similarly, a lemon juice or a gourd juice that is bitter can also be applied. If they try to put their nails into the mouth, this unpleasant taste will stop them from carrying on with the habit.

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